A Total Rebirth

Permalink @Jerseysaurus Fun times at Antonio K. Rosario’s 8th birthday celebration. BD is 9/19. Celebrated at Field Station : Dinosaurs in New Jersey on 9/21.
Permalink Happy Sunday. The kids hanging out in New Jersey at Field Station: Dinosaurs.   (at Field Station: Dinosaurs)
Permalink When I was a kid, I didn’t understand my parents’ obsession with family pictures. Now as a proud father with an awesome extended family, I totally get it. Good morning from the Rosario household.  #glrosario (at Glendale, New York)
Permalink Happy 8th. You are growing up way too fast. Love you. 

Happy Birthday Antonio K. Rosario.
Permalink My mother’s neighbor’s creative reuse of recyclable plastics. LOL. He can’t make it any easier for local dog walkers. (at Ridgewood, New York)
Permalink We ran into Abuela at the Ridgewood Street Fair on Myrtle Avenue. (at Myrtle Avenue)
Permalink I think we were boring Eva… yawn.
Permalink All My Children. The Rosario 7 at Astoria Park, Queens. 09/07/14 (at Astoria Park)